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    Keep Sweat Fetish and Dominance

    Amilia Onyx
    "Freakenstien" vs "The Onyx"

    Amilia Onyx is back to destroy another male. Her first match against Marcelo showed us how powerful this beautiful full figured beauty is. Today she wants to take down one of the most dominating males on our mats. Amelia called out Will Tile and she isn't impressed with Wills muscles at all. She talks a lot of trash both online and now in person. Will Tile is tired of her flapping her gums so he is going to try to "put this woman in her place". Will does have the advantage with power and skill but this is a sex fight and Amelia is in it to win it. She goes for the sexual points and she is able to keep her hands on Will's dick the entire time. At the end of 3 wrestling rounds, the ref calls "TAKE YOUR PRIZE" . The winner is called and must submit to the loser. The winner gives the loser a good spanking and fucking.

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    Vanessa Vega
    "Pretty Boy" vs "Taking Care of Business"

    Vanessa Vega is on Fire today. She give the Pretty boy a run for his money. David Lee is an utter gentleman and a true martial artist. He is polite and really wants to assist his female opponent so that the game if more fun for him. Check out the BTS for this match to see Vanesse getting tips from Ariel and David to help her destroy her opponent today. David loves sexfighting. Win or lose, most combatants pretty much just look forward to round 4 where they get to fuck their formidable opponent. David goes a little easy on this athlete, tatted out babe but it's not like Vanessa needs his help. Vanessa is a bonafide sex fighter. She grabs dick, sucks dick, does anything and everything to the dick to make sure she score favor in the judges eyes and today she does just that. Vannessa puts on a beautiful sex fight clinic on David however David does out wrestle her. The styles of each of these fighters cancel each other out and this fight goes into a Tiebreaker. You will NOT believe the ending. The mutual sexual activity that is regulated for the tiebreaker round has both of these sex fighter athletes close to cumming in a matter of seconds. Vanessa pins David against the wall and we see...

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    Helena Locke
    "The Bounty Hunter" vs "Maddog"

    Marcelo "Mad dog" is in the best form he has ever been in. He has been working on his cardio and he dominates in round 1. This match demonstrates how having a good strategy for a sex fight can win over someone with more strength. Marcelo has been working out and getting strong. His conditioning is great, his power is spot on, unfortunately for him, he has to meet Helena Locke. Helena Locke is a certified Bounty Hunter. She's trained to take down dirt bags and bring them to justice. Today, she need to deal with the new Marcelo. It's not very often we see a pro Domme pinned and taken advantage of. Each round we get to see Helena put into trouble and she is so pretty when she's uncomfortable. One of these wrestlers needs to figure out how to win a sex fight. Being stronger won't win a sex fight, What wins a sex fight is being a pervert. So get your perv on with these two sex fighters. The winner fucks the loser's asshole and makes the loser worship their muscles.

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    Daisy Ducati
    "The Warden" vs "Lethal Legs"

    One of the most Highly Anticipated matches this year, Daisy Ducati takes on the Undefeated, Jack Friday. Jack is a pro dom fitness trainer. He loves being mean to his clients and putting them through the rigger and let's face it, if you hire a personal trainer, you must like some kind of punishment. Trainers are there to push you and motivate you to go further and hard than you would go on your own. Today Jack wants to push Daisy to her limits. He thinks he can punish her just enough to keep things exciting before he takes his prize. Daisy Ducati holds the record for most orgams inflicted on the mats. She is behind in points in rounds 1 and 2. Jack is just too much power and skill for her in the first rounds. But round 3 is always where Daisy shines. Daisy place on trapping this big strong handsome man on the mats and then milking him to orgasm in round 3. Daisy has an great display of heart for this match. She is able to get ahold of Jacks neck and dick and put him into some trouble. Winner fucks the loser upside-down, sideways and on the wall. Winner make the exhausted loser do a workout regimen to wear them out completely before they take a squirt load on their chest.

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    Valentina Bellucci
    "Pretty Boy" vs "Samba"

    Valentina Bellucci is a beautiful curvy European Samba Dancer with strong dancing Legs and a sweet mean spirit. She doesn't have a lot of wrestling experience but she knows how to move and seduce. Today she is taking on our undefeated Pretty Boy, David Lee. David has a weakness for beautiful strong women. He's not here to destroy and humiliate, he loves sex fighting and he just wants to have a great time rolling on the mats with fun feisty females. This match is a back-and-forth sexual competition. David gets pinned and ass smothered a lot and it doesn't seem to phase him one bit. He loves having big firm asses on his face and Valentina loves putting her ass in his face. This fight goes the distance. The Winner is called, The loser must concede by becoming a sex prize. The loser is face fucked and ridden hard until they can't take it anymore. This prize round ends in a glorious creampie. The cum drips out of Valentina's pussy as if a beast has busted a dam inside of her.

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    Carmen Valentina
    "The Snake" vs "Bootydrop"

    Booty Drop, Carmen Valentina is back on the mats after a long time away. She's taking on Mr. Sam Solo who has been making gains during all of this COVID madness. Carmen uses her patented Booty Drop Move to distract Sam and get him where she wants him. Sam uses his wrestling single and double leg take downs to try to get an advantage on Carmen. The wrestling is intense but the sexual play even more intense. This fight goes the distance. The Winner makes the loser worship the winner ass. Loser must lick and sniff all the sweat off the winner's ass. Sam gets his dick drained with a creampie ending for this round 4.

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    Avery Jane
    "The Legend" vs "G.I."

    Oliver Davis has been living up to his name. The "Legend", as we call him here, is undefeated. Today, we are going to heckle him by having his real life girlfriend ref his match. Avery Black is our guest Ref, Avery Jane is our female wrestling. Avery Black talks a lot of trash to Oliver and is cheering for Avery Jane the entire time. Oliver feels the frustration while he is trying his best to sex fight only to be heckled by the ref. Avery Jane, meanwhile, is having the time of her life. She's diving in to suck his dick when she can, she's stuffing his submission attempts and laughing at him. By the end of the wrestling, Oliver is exhausted. The Avery's have given him more than he can handle. The winner is called at the end of 3 rounds of wrestling and it's a heavy ass pounding for the loser.

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    Aria Khaide
    "Freakenstien" vs "The Jersey Hitman"

    Will Tile has a gentlemanly way of dominating his opponents on the mats. He's got the muscles and know how to pin anyone who steps foot on the mats with him but he is also a good lover who likes to make his opponent at least think they have a chance. Today Will may need to put the nice guy act aside. He's meeting with a lifetime wrestling student, Aria Khaide and Aria is out for cocks. Aria is able to sit out and reverse some of Will's holds but is it enough to get the "W". This match goes the distance, the winner is choke fucked and ridden until Will is drained of his cum inside Aria's pussy. This ends in creampie. May we see some little Wills in the future?

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    Mocha Menage
    "Bonesaw" vs "Choka"

    Nathan Bonesaw Bronson is back on the mats. He's been watching Mocha's matches and he is clowning her other male opponents who could not control their nut when they went against Mocha. Mocha was out wrestled by her last two male opponents but once their dicks touched her pussy, their dicks exploded and Mocha got a small victory in the prize round by knowing that the men simply could NOT handle her magical pussy. Nathan wants to test the merchandise. He works very hard to get the pin and penetration but Mocha has some real skill and makes that hard for Nathan. Nathan is made to resort to submissions to be able to get his dick in her during the penalty. He tries it out and he definitely sees why the guys have had issues. This match goes 3 rounds. The winner is called. Mocha takes her time showing her magic. Her mouth is a sexual weapon and her pussy is equally as dangerous.

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    Lydia Black
    "Black Widow" vs "The Punisher"

    Dan Ferrari (formally Indiana Bones) is back after a long covid break. He's taking on Lydia Black who has been stuck at home being horney and tapping into her aggressive side. These two have been chomping at the bit to fuck. Today that aggression comes out in a beautiful sex fight. Lydia Black is all about the sex points. She grabs Dan's dick the entire time. Dan is going for style points. He really wants to get the Pin and Penetration to impress fans and show that he's all about putting the sex back into sex fighting. This match is incredible back and forth switch action. Lydia gets on top and fucks and then Dan gets on top to fuck and then back and forth until one is victorious. At the end of round 3, the winner knows they have won and they try to bypass the ref announcement and go directly into the domination. The end of round 3, the dominate wrestling choke fucks the loser before the official announcement. the loser concedes and allows the fucking. The ref steps in and make it official. The loser if fucked by a true switch (someone who likes to both top and bottom) The winner lets the loser get on top to choke fuck them back from time to time. Lydia tongue fucks Dan's asshole...

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