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    Keep Awesome Girls with Big Boobs

    Casey Deluxe
    The Sexy Homemaker

    What a sight to come home to. The lovely Casey Deluxe keepin' it clean and tidy in a tight, open blouse, miniskirt and high heels. Casey then takes her clothes off to continue her housework in the nude. She gets sudsy and sexy and self-sucks her big tits. And all this with a butt plug concealed in her booty. Casey pops out the toy after her excellent "house work" is done. Now, that's true multi-tasking.

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    Raquel Stoops
    The Hot String Bikini Girl

    Now, for the girl who puts the BAM! in Alabama... someone who deserves a statue in an Alabama museum or park because her body is a work of art. She's Rockell, a lithe and limber lass with natural knockers, a fantastic body and a gorgeous face. Rockell has it all. There have only been a few Alabamians who became our Girls. There's Autumn-Jade and, more recently, Anna Loren. Neighboring Georgia has many more. Why we've had so few models from Alabama is a question that has no answer. In this video, Rockell kills an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, knitted, yellow string bikini at poolside and then gets wet. Yes, they do indeed float. Rockell gets out of the pool, oils up and shows you exactly what a southern girl is made of. Alabamian anatomy at its sexiest! If she doesn't drive you bananas, consult your health care professional. Thanks for coming, Rockell!

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    Codi Vore
    Slutty Swim Suit Model Oil and Orgasm

    I try on several bathing suits and bikinis in search of something that says "I'M A DIRTY SLUT" but is still appropriate for a public pool. I oil up my body to make sure each suit can pass a bounce test while slippery... and most of them don't! When I finally find the perfect one, I oil up some more and use a vibrator while thinking about how dirty I'm gonna be... I cum hard, put my tits back in the suit, and head out for my naughty day!

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    Demmi Blaze
    She's Unbelievable

    Demmy Blaze. A sweet girl who's got everything a man could want, with extra to spare. We might be looking at a mirage but it seems like Demmy is bustier and curvier than ever. Demmy stands out so much, the crew on the International Space Station could see her. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes and everywhere between, her figure is unbelievable. Stretching a white top with "Los Angeles" printed on it, suspenders and tight red pants, Demmy gives us the guided tour of her spectacular body. She removes her top to to slap her suspenders against her boobs and sits in a swinging chair suspended from the ceiling. Doing a slow strip, Demmy gets into bed and peels off her panties. Rubbing, swinging, licking and squeezing her tits, Demmy parts her legs, showing her tan-lined bottom and shaved cookie.

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    Bella Apont
    School's Out for Bella. Time to Spank

    University student Bella Apont gets home from class and jumps on her bed. School's out. In this university, the dress code is a plaid miniskirt that shows butt cheeks and a white, tight shirt open to show cleavage. Higher education is a beautiful thing. Now Bella can have some real fun by turning on her laptop. It's time for her favorite subject. "How boring to do homework!" Bella moans. "What will be on the internet? Porn!" Bella's eyes light up. "How good it looks as he fucks her! Now I want to touch myself. I want to cum." She takes off everything, leaving her socks and shoes on and finger-fucks her pussy. And cum Bella does.

    MP4 ` 1920x1080 ` 00:16:52 ` 660 Mb

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    Jamilla Melnyk
    Jamilla's Red Tank Top

    MP4 ` 1920x1080 ` 00:11:34 ` 687 Mb

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    Alexsis Faye
    At Home with Alexsis Faye

    You are in the home of Alexsis Faye. Enjoy this personal guided tour that ends in her bed. She's a very hospitable girl! - Q: Alexis, thank you for the tour of your home. It looks like a Hollywood movie set. Alexsis: Glad you like it. - Q: You arrange your high heels like pieces of art in a gallery. Do you also have a bra collection arranged like this? Alexsis: Since I am obsessed with heels and bras, I have a lot of them. For the heels, I have a drawer, but my bras I keep for now in some Ikea boxes until I find the perfect place for them too. - Q: You shoot excellent videos, and by yourself, too. Did you attend photography school? Alexis: I wish I went to photography school. It would have been more fun than economics and accounting. - Q: How is day-to-day life now? Alexsis: Like everyone, stuck at home. Only going out to buy food, and even for that we need to take a paper and write where we are going and why.

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    Georgie Lyall
    Trouble in Paradise

    Your girlfriend and Georgies boyfriend have been cheating on you both! You confront Georgie about it and she is in total shock! To get back at both of them you're going to have some naughty time! Get your COCK out and JERK for Georgie!

    MP4 ` 3840x2160 ` 00:09:53 ` 1110 Mb

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    Demmi Blaze
    Her Big Blazing Balloons

    If Demmy Blaze was your study-mate and she dressed like this when you had your exam cram sessions, you'd flunk every test. There's no way you could think straight with Demmy's big balloons dominating your mind. Even if Demmy wasn't dressed as she is in this video, you'd still be unable to concentrate on anything. Before Demmy became a balloon-popping model, she considered a career as a customs official. "During my school years, I dreamt about that kind of work and that's why I was a very good student," Demmy said. Fortunately, Demmy's interests took a radical turn and she decided to make the most of her considerable natural gifts. It would have been a waste of her assets if she had a career checking travelers for contraband. Although, as an idea for a video, it's pretty good.

    MP4 ` 1920x1080 ` 00:21:31 ` 955 Mb

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    Cara Ruby
    Denim Days

    MP4 ` 1920x1080 ` 00:10:12 ` 411 Mb

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