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    Dad & Daughter Collection (Daily Update)

    Learning From Your Mistakes - Mae Milano

    After Mae Milano gets in trouble at school, Filthy Rich sits down with her to discuss her behavior. Mae has been seeing a boy in the bathrooms and confesses her naughtiness to Filthy. Mae is so horny that she can't help but give Filthy a first-hand experience of what actually went down with the boy from school.

    Contains fellatio and vaginal sex in various positions, ends with a facial.

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    Spencer Bradley - The Getaway with Daddy (01-11-2022) [1080p]

    Laura and her father arrive at the rental vacation home. "Thank you for coming here with me", she says. "Oh, my pleasure. I'm sorry about your mom for canceling", he says. "I'm not surprised, she bailed all the time, and she knows how important this was to me", Laura says.

    Looking around the room, she says: "Maybe I'll get myself a billionaire sugar daddy, who would get me this apartment and a car". "You don't even have your license. That's why I had to drive you here", he retorts. "I didn't have a father figure. Now I have two", she counters. "Two?". "My imaginary sugar daddy and you".

    Daddy shrugs, exasperated, and says: "I think we should get unpacked". In the bedroom she says: "I swear it said two beds", eyeing the single king bed there. "I'll sleep on the couch", he offers.

    Later she joins him on the couch and complains: "The wifi isn't working". He tries texting and phoning, announcing "Now we wait". "Is this what the '70s were like?", she inquires. "How old do you think I am? I do remember a time without wifi", he notes. "What did you do?". "We went out to a movie, had dinner, played music". "That's it?", she mocks. "That about covers it". "Weird", Laura concludes.

    "What, you never went camping without your phone before?", he asks. "We went over this -you're my first father figure", she answers. "Mothers can take their kids camping, too", he asserts. "Not my mom". "You have a point. I can't really imagine her pitching a tent with you. She's a bit high maintenance", he says.

    "Sometimes you just wanna fuck without all the fanfare", Laura states. He objects to this sort of talk, and she wonders why. "Because I'm your father", he says. "And we're both adults", she points out. "What would your mother think?", he asks. "She would not care. What she would care most about is people finding out. Maybe her ego would be bruised a little bit", she insists. Exasperated, he says "I'm tired, I want to go to sleep"."So early?", she asks. "Yeah, we have to be up early for that school search tomorrow", he announces."I hate it when you're practical", she complains. "It's a curse", he says. "Well, maybe you can stay in my bed -it's huge, I won't try anything funny", Laura offers, while rubbing her foot against his leg. Daddy pulls away from her on the couch. "All right", she concedes. She gets up, tying her robe and announces: "I guess I'll try going to bed because I have nothing else to do." "Okay, good night", he says. "Good night, daddy".

    Laura's in bed asleep when a loud noise sounds. Father appears in her doorway, clad only in his underpants, and says "I'll go check it out". "No, you should just call the cops", she insists. "Stay here -I'll be right back", he counters. When he returns, Laura asks: "What was it?". "It was a tree branch". Still frightened, she says: "My heart is beating a million times a minute -feel it". She places daddy's hand across her chest. "Okay, look, you'll be fine", he says. "I'm still scared." He reassures her: "I'm just in the other room." "Please stay", she pleads. "Okay, I'll stay in here -I'm just going to get my blanket, but I'm sleeping on the floor". "Okay, thank you daddy".

    He washes his face and looks in the bathroom mirror, saying to himself "Do not have sex with your daughter". He goes to the bedroom and lies down at the foot of the bed. "That can't be comfortable", Laura says. "It is, in fact my doctor said it might be good for my back", he claims. "Am I that scary?", she jokes. "Yep". "Do you think that you couldn't resist me if we shared a bed together?", she wonders. "I can resist you. The problem is that you can't resist me", he says. "Fine, you've made your point", she says, and they go to sleep separately.

    But Laura is restless in bed, announcing "I can't sleep". "You haven't tried", he counters. "I know I can't sleep, I don't need to try", she insists. "I'm tired!", he exclaims. "Why can't we just talk for a bit?", she asks. "You know, your mother's not the only high maintenance one here", he shrugs. "Sorry, I guess I'm just rattled up by the tree branch situation. Are you mad?", she says. "No". "Come here, I won't bite. Once we're done talking you can go back to the floor", she says. Daddy gets up and says: "Only if you promise not to bite". "I'll try", she says, smiling.

    He gets into bed next to her and says: "I'm going to miss you when you go to school". "I'm not even sure I want to go here, it's pretty far away", she notes. "Well, if you could drive you could always come home to visit." "That means you'll have to teach me". "On second thought, if you drive anything like your mother it's better that you don't", he counters. "You're so mean", she declares. "I just call it like I see it", he says. "What do you see in my mom, anyway?".

    "I don't know -she's funny, she keeps me on my toes; there just comes a time when you need to be with somebody, who makes you shower frequently and dress decently", he explains. "Isn't that tiring?"."It is what it is", he replies. "I could never do that, I need to be free", she avers.

    "I'm just older, and learning from my mistakes", father says. "Was I a mistake?", she asks. "I'm the one who made a mistake. I should never have done it", he confesses. "It was nice, wasn't it?", she asks."It doesn't matter", he contends. "Do I still make you hard?", she says, touching his shoulder. "Laura, we can't do this." "Why not?". "Because I'm your father".

    Laura leans over and kisses his ear. "Stop, please", he says. "That didn't matter last time", she needles him. "Well, I shouldn't have done it", he whines. "You're worse than a tease", she shoots back. "Look, you should be with somebody your own age." "I don't want to be with somebody my own age. I want to be with you", she asserts.

    She impulsively gets on top of him and kisses him. "Laura, please stop", daddy pleads. "Fuck me, fuck me hard, Get it out of your system", she commands. "I shouldn't be doing this", he says."Whatever you say, daddy", she purrs. Watch the taboo lovemaking commence....

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    Cadence Luxx in Angel Of Daddy

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    Vivian Fox - Vivian's Punishment Plan

    Vivian Fox has been a naughty girl and needs to be punished to the fullest extent-her dad, Bobby Beefcakes, is just the man for the job. Using an array of various hardcore punishments, Bobby will teach Vivian a lesson she won't soon forget.

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    Nala Brooks Dressed In Sexy Xmas Lingerie Fucks Her Dad

    Farlier this evening when I got home I was looking for my Step Daughter Nala, I called her but she wasn't answering so I decided to go to her room. I knocked but nothing so I went in thinking maybe she was doing her homework with her headphones on or something. I was pretty shocked to discover that she was laying on her bed dressed in very sexy Xmas lingerie masturbating while having some decorations on the wall. When I asked her what was going on there she told me that since the year has been crazy and her bank account was pretty low she thought that she would be the xmas present for her boyfriend to unwrap and he was on his way over now. Her mom had a pretty different set of rules in mind about the boyfriend coming to see her at the house, so for her to think he could come see her like that and "unwrap his present" wouldn't sit well with her mom. Nala wasn't pleased to hear that I was going to tell her mom about her "Xmas Party" and decided that she should try to get me in trouble too so neither of us would want to bring it up ever again. And guess what it worked! Shortly after she was on her knees blowing me before we fucked missionary, reverse cowgirl then doggy. On top of that I ended up finishing with a big load deep inside her tight little pussy so you bet I won't be telling my wife I fucked her daughter and creampied her or else I don't think I'll have anyone to spend xmas with this year!

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    Showing Dad My Grown Up Body

    this is my first dad kink vid- I've only been making vids for a few months and family roleplay is still a little "close to home" (literally lol) for me so this feels a little embarrassing to post but I loved filming it and I know you guys will love watching it
    An 18 year old daughter comes back from shopping and wants to show her dad what she bought. She loves her dad so much and only wants to show him because he's the one who made her body. While showing the outfits, she shows her dad how she's grown and has a grown up body now with full, round DD breasts, cute thighs, and ever cuter butt. She hopes these outfits make her dad proud of what a pretty girl he made, but even more she hopes the outfits make her dad excited. He's taken care of her her whole life and now she wants to treat him and thank him with her body because she's old enough. A little nervous about if her dad will like it, she spreads her legs and shows her pussy, thank goodness her dad loves it so she shows him all the parts and even her pink lil butthole. He taught her how to clean herself now she's showing how clean she keeps her parts to make her dad proud. The she wants to show her dad her grown up breasts and goes up close to give him all the details. But what she wants most is to kiss the cock that made her and to taste the cum she came from. Her dad lets her and she loves it. She's afraid of being greedy but she wants one more thing from her dad, she wants her cherry popped. He says yes again! She thinks it's so perfect that the cock that made her is taking the virginity of the pussy he made. Because father's always want to teach their daughter new things he teaches her how to cum, and of course cums with her, his cum gushes out and his daughter is excited that she just made him a grandfather!!

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    Birthday Gift From Daddy

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    MissLunaWild - EGirl Fucks Daddy

    I make Daddy tell me how pretty I look all dressed up before I'll take his cock out and suck it. Daddy fucks me silly, pulls my hair and then cums inside me even after I beg him not to because I'm not on birth control! But I love it so much.

    In this video, Luna plays a bratty girl trying to tease her daddy. He gets impatient and pushes his cock into her mouth and forces her to suck it, so she gives in and gets on her hands and knees on the bed to blow him some more. Then he gets behind her and fucks her in doggy style and then missionary until he cums inside her and afterwards she sucks his cock some more.

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    Daughter knows How to Get what She Wants 1080p

    Jessie has already pushed her dad to cross the line. He's tried to get their relationship back to how it was and be strict with her but now that she knows how hard she makes his cock she is taking full advantage.

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    Duration :00:11:23

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    Keeping Daddy Quiet

    When Ike Diezel finds some drugs that his daughter Lilly Hall was hiding, he threatens to tell her mom if she doesn't give him a blowjob. Lilly accepts and soon she's getting a good taste of daddy tender love and care.


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    Duration :01:03:27

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